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The Mummy Trilogy

The Mummy Trilogy - Disc Free

Artwork commissioned by E.Descharmes

Boxset Only

100 Print Run and Numbered

Preorder today at 8pm

Price - £148.99 (price slightly more due to 3 different steel cases)

The outer box will have embossed Egyptian Hieroglyphs and the Fullslips will be spot Embossed like Total Recall

I hope you can support this project!

KC Boxset -

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I have a different request. given the unspecified delay of The Last samurai, is it possible to make the switch with this box? paying any price difference? I already paid several months ago and, frankly, I'm a little disappointed and tired. Thank you

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You will need to email me about this. These are customs. They can’t all be made quickly. I still released Total Recall after 4 months . That’s still quicker then some retailers we know of


This looks to be the best yet!

I know you probably don't want to mix up KOSM and KC Designs, but gotta ask if this preorder can somehow be credited for one of the MantaLab orders?

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Contact via email

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